POSH Alert | Sep 2019 : Prerequisite Traits for nominating IC Members

Under the Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (the “Act”), the Internal Committee (“IC”) is the Redressal Mechanism empowered with the powers of a Civil Court for resolution of sexual harassment complaints. With such enormous powers vested, the biggest challenge before the employer is to nominate Internal Committee members whose responsibility extends beyond being mere implementers of the organisational policy on sexual harassment.

We are often asked as to what are the pre -requisites to be a member of the Internal Committee?

While the Act does not mandate qualifications that are required, there are certain traits that the Management can observe in individuals in order to nominate them for the IC.

The Members so nominated should -

  • be passionate about the role and should be able to devote time for inquiries, periodic meetings and trainings on POSH
  • have great listening skills
  • have demonstrated the trait of handling confidential information and should be well equipped to handle cases, if they get reported
  • be fair and should not be prejudiced or discriminatory
  • be aware of the company’s policies and procedures - as torchbearers of the policy, they must be aware of the provisions therein

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