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Prevention of Sexual Harassment at The Workplace (POSH)

Are you doing POSH right?

  • Do you have a robust POSH policy?
  • Do you have the right IC?
  • Are you backed by the right Legal Team?
  • Do you sensitize your employees periodically?
  • Do you have an adept person to handle inquiries?
  • Are you disseminating POSH related information correctly to your employees?
  • Are you submitting timely and standardized POSH returns?
POSH online training in Bangalore, India

The LAW – Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

How does this affect your organization?
In India, it is the employer’s responsibility to put in place a redressal mechanism to effectively handle issues related to sexual harassment at the workplace.
What are the consequences of non-compliance?
Non-compliance is punishable by fines and repeated violations can lead to business license cancellation.

Why BCP Associates?
With more than 5 decades of experience in the area of Employment and Labour Laws, our parent law firm has handled sexual harassment cases well before the introduction of the Act and Vishaka Guidelines.

BCPA POSH Services


  • Vetting, drafting and implementation of POSH policy
  • Advise on IC Committee


  • Depute qualified external member trained on gender sensitivity issues for IC committee


  • General awareness, IC orientation & management training.


  • Participate and guide IC in handling inquiries and assist in drafting findings report



  • Custom content drafting and design services for POSH posters and communication

Our POSH services can be customized into a package to align with your existing practices.
Partnering with BCP Associates can not only ensure adherence to legislation, but build your organization’s reputation as an employer of choice.

BCP Associates can assist you in creating a respectful environment with zero-tolerance to sexual harassment.


BCPA Online POSH Training Module
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 mandates that employers must sensitize every employee with the provisions of the Act through awareness programs conducted periodically. 
The task of training hundreds and even thousands of employees is daunting.

POSH e-module training in Bangalore, India

How can BCP Associates help?

The POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) e-Module created by BCP Associates is based on the philosophy of ‘Zero tolerance to Sexual Harassment’. Our e-Module:

  • Facilitates large-scale implementation
  • Handles broader outreach to a large employee base across multiple locations
  • Provides an effective legally compliant awareness training mechanism
  • Is easy to use, trackable and helps employers fulfil their compliance obligations
The POSH e-Module:
  • Has been created and curated as per the Act and Rules along with case studies and examples
  • The e-Module is divided into 7 sections:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment
  • Statutory Provisions & Dealing with Sexual Harassment
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • The policy on prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Case Study
  • Assessment section along with a scoring mechanism

Built on the latest technology platform, our robust solution can be either easily integrated with your internal Learning environment or can be offered as a cloud-based solution.