Legal Audit

Elevating Compliance through Legal Expertise


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Legal Audit

Complying with multiple Labour and Employment Laws is a complex task. Unintentional non-compliance can lead to litigation/prosecution, monetary losses and loss of reputation.

How can BCP Associates help?

Our process involves:

  • Risk profiling from a legal perspective to
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your organization
  • Analyze the level of potential areas of risk and liability
  • Provide recommendations to eliminate the risk where possible
  • Assist in establishing best practices for elevating compliance
  • Achieve centralized control and visibility of compliance levels across company and vendors

Our vast experience also helps:

  • Mentor and coach employers & vendors on compliance techniques
  • Employers effectively manage Contract Labour
legal audit in bangalore, India

Vendor Audit

Are your Vendors Compliant?
Vendors may not see compliance as a critical part of their business model.
Labour legislations hold the Principal Employer liable for non-compliances by the vendor.
Vendor compliance reflects well on the Principal Employer and is fundamental to good Corporate Governance & CSR.

Vendor audit in bangalore, India

YOUR RISKS: Even small infractions by vendors, the Company is culpable & liable. Some of the risks you face:

  • Prosecutions, penalties and damages
  • Loss of license, reputation and business
  • Potential for anti-bribery prosecution in India and abroad

How can BCP Associates help?

  • Comprehensive vendor audits across multiple locations in India
  • Risk calibration based on Company exposure
  • Elevating vendor compliance through proactive checks, mentoring & coaching
  • Intelligent risk reports enabled by technology
  • Access to centralized vendor compliance management system

Compliance Document Manager

Are you able to provide documents requested by inspecting authorities immediately? Does your organization waste considerable time and effort in retrieval?
Archiving and retrieving crucial documents scattered around an organization’s multiple departments is cumbersome and frustrating. Yet it is a key pillar of effective compliance.
BCP Associates offers – Compliance Document Manager (CDM), a secure, comprehensive cloud based solution which is a centralized repository for managing compliance documents.

CDM Features & Benefits

  • Consolidation: Manages archival, retrieval, monitoring and review of compliance documents & evidence for the organization and its vendors
  • Customized & Adaptive: Multi-dimensional checklists under relevant Acts based on industry and location
  • Access-based modules: Separate modules for employers, vendors and key management
  • Interactive experience: Provides real-time data, generates alerts and notifications
Compliance Document Manager (CDM) in bangalore, India
Compliance Document Manager (CDM) dashboard in bangalore, India

The CDM is a must-have tool to establish a culture of transparency, expose risks and enable timely intervention.