From the BCP Associates desk – Sep 2018 – How well are you sensitising your workforce on Prevention of Sexual Harassment?

PREVENTION and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace is the statutory obligation of every employer. While focus on compliance with the law is of prime importance, it is equally important to design internal systems and processes that help in preventing such behaviours and at the same time allow employees to speak up without fear of retaliation. Organisations must travel the extra mile to ensure that workplaces are harassment free – by framing adequate policies, employing strong internal communication strategies and launching campaigns that help in creating a collective sense of responsibility. It is no doubt a long journey, but one that can be achieved.

SO, what are some of the promising practices that your organisation has implemented? Do you communicate with your employees throughout the year and reinforce messaging around prevention of sexual harassment? Is everyone aware of the reporting mechanisms in place? Do you provide assurances around non-retaliation? Do your employees know how to recognise and avoid harassing behaviours?

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